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2019-09-07 › OSCE Chair Lajčák and OSCE Secretary General Greminger welcome exchange of detainees between Russia and Ukraine

 BRATISLAVA/VIENNA, 7 September 2019 - The OSCE Chair and Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajčák, and OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger welcomed today’s conclusion of an exchange of detainees between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Exchanging detainees linked to the crisis in and around Ukraine has been high on the agenda of the Slovak OSCE Chairmanship since its very beginning.

“I am extremely pleased about today’s exchange of detainees between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This is a positive development and makes a huge difference in the lives of dozens of people, their families and friends,” Lajčák stressed, while also taking note of the concerns raised, and expressing his strong hope that this positive step will not have negative impacts on the ongoing investigations of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in 2014.

“This exchange has the potential to build up confidence between the two countries, as well as lead to exchange of all detainees, as provided in Minsk agreements,” said Lajčák adding that no effort should be spared to solve the conflict and end the suffering of people. “The OSCE and the Slovak Chairmanship stand ready to assist in any way possible.”

Secretary General Greminger expressed his deep appreciation to the sides for their constructive efforts that had allowed this important step. “I urge all the sides to take further measures in this spirit, respecting and upholding the ceasefire agreement and implementing fully the Minsk agreements.” 

источник: https://www.osce.org/chairmanship/429326
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