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2019-09-20 › OSCE holds interagency simulation exercise for crisis negotiators in Kazakhstan

Strengthening the capacity of crisis negotiators from across Kazakhstan was the focus of an interagency simulation exercise conducted on 20 September 2019 in Nur-Sultan.

The event was the final stage of a five-day training seminar organized by the OSCE Programme Office in Nur-Sultan, the Embassy of Israel in Nur-Sultan, together with the Law Enforcement Academy under Kazakhstan’s Prosecutor General’s Office.

The course was led by experts of the Israel Police for 16 law enforcement and security officials as well as prosecutors to prepare state officials to respond to crisis situations, such as hostage taking, and manage the negotiation process from start to finish. Topics included active listening, operative reaction, structure of negotiation groups, time management, the tactical role of intelligence in negotiations, means of communication, third-party intermediaries and organizing a co-ordinated response. These sessions were complemented by technical discussions and simulated exercises based on cases that the Israel Police had dealt with in the past.

György Szabó, Head of the OSCE Programme Office, said: “Experience is the best teacher in dealing with crisis situations. The OSCE always strives to promote the exchange of experience on security issues and the State of Israel and their police force have been great partners in this effort. Through this event, we hope to promote security in crisis negotiations throughout Kazakhstan.”

Ambassador of Israel to Kazakhstan Liat Wexelman said: “The State of Israel has attached the great importance to developing comprehensive cooperation with Kazakhstan, our close ally and partner in Central Asia. In particular, Israeli law enforcement is willing to exchange information, share its highly skilled and gained experience in crisis management and negotiations processes, as well as enhance partnership with Kazakhstan’s colleagues.”

Yergali Merzadinov, the Rector of the Law Enforcement Agencies Academy, said: “Negotiation with individuals is a complex and emotionally intense process. It requires specific knowledge and skills, as well as the abilities of critical thinking. The acquired knowledge from the last year’s event has been put into practice and laid on the strategic documents. This year, we continued this practice and invited the Israeli negotiators to conduct an event for prosecutors, police officers and and national security officers.”

The event was part of the OSCE’s work on countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism.

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