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2019-10-11 › UNDP and Civil Service Academy of Turkmenistan deepen cooperation ties

 Ashgabat, 4 October 2019: The United Nations Development Programme and the Civil Service Academy of Turkmenistan implement a joint project to enhance the capacity of the Academy to prepare high performing specialists meeting the demands of the global development trends in civil service.

As part of the project, UNDP has invited international consultant Mr. Jaba Devdariani to conduct analysis of the ongoing progress of the project and to develop new joint programme on civil service-developing leading to a bigger scale reform in Turkmenistan in line with the digital economy concept between UNDP and the Academy.

“In a view of the country’s ambition to develop digital economy, the Academy strives to become an intellectual digital platform for professional development of civil servants that trains, expands opportunities and develops professional civil servants with digital innovations for effective and efficient government. For this reason, it is vital to deepen the cooperation between UNDP and the Academy to strengthen the capacity and ensure continuous knowledge transfer to the Academy,” stated - Akmurat Danatarov, UNDP Programme Specialist.

Mr. Jaba Devdariani conducted working meetings with the representatives of the Academy, the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, Turkmenaragatnashyk (Communication) agency, Ministry of Education, and partner UN agencies, and conducted a roundtable with the stakeholders on the topic of “Advanced practices of civil service reform”.

Under the current project, UNDP has supported the Academy in developing the strategic visioning and development plans, updating existing and developing new curricula, establishing links with similar public management schools and other public service resources, strengthening of the educational and informational system and piloting master courses on digital management, cyber security, and digital economy.

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