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2019-11-19 › OSCE workshop in Baku explores how to improving co-operation between private and public sectors in fighting cybercrime

Public institutions of Azerbaijan, ISPs and International Organizations together to improve public-private co-operation in fighting cybercrime. (OSCE/Sofia Zanatta)

Representatives from Azerbaijan’s Government, the Council of Europe, Facebook, Microsoft, the Austrian Institute of Technology and Ordina Belgium, among others, participated in a workshop on how to enhance co-operation between the private and public sector to fight cybercrime on 19 November 2019 in Baku.

The Strategic Police Matters Unit (SPMU) of the OSCE Transnational Threats Department organized the workshop with the support of Italy.

Panelists, from both the private and public sectors, highlighted the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned resulting from the current public-private partnership in Azerbaijan. They also discussed criminal justice responses to the growing role of digital technologies in conducting or facilitating law enforcement and prosecutors' actions in fighting cybercrime. The participants also explored how to strengthen bilateral co-operation between the two sectors to improve the exchange of information and better address transnational cases.

Thanking the OSCE for organizing the workshop, Yalchin Ragiyev, Head of the International Security Department at Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that, “the project was in line with the needs and requests of Azerbaijan in addressing the existing gaps in the co-operation with private companies in fighting cybercrime.”

Denise Mazzolani, Deputy Head of SPMU and Adviser on Cybercrime, added: "The OSCE stands ready to provide technical assistance to its participating States in addressing cybercrime, in particular in building the capacities of competent national institutions and bringing together all the stakeholders, including private companies, academia and civil society organizations."

The workshop will be followed by study visits to the headquarters of the Europe, Middle East and Africa operations of Google, Microsoft and Facebook in Dublin, Ireland.

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