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2019-07-11 › UNFPA Turkmenistan has initiated national consultations on the Way to Nairobi while marking World Population Day

 Ashgabat, 11 July - National partners of UNFPA Turkmenistan and young people gathered today at UN building to mark the World Population Day and read the message of Secretary General on marking this Day globally. Participants had eagerly discussed the message and talked about importance of adopting its Calls to the local context.

Taking the opportunity of having main partners around the table UNFPA and participants initiated discussion on what has been changed on the Way from Cairo (ICPD, 1994) to Nairobi Summit in November 2019. Based on the results achieved, bottlenecks identified, and voices of young people the joint team around the table have preliminary outlined the main areas of further cooperation with UNFPA for the next program cycle 2021-2025.

Among areas identified were committing to accelerating progress on getting to zero unmet needs in family planning and visionary goal on ending preventable maternal deaths till 2030, and providing support to Census for having its results serving for better demographic projections and use of demographic dividend in Turkmenistan. Participants actively discussed the challenges and seek answers to questions such as on How might we accelerate the progress? and What can we do differently/innovatively in order to address the bottlenecks on our way.

Further consultations this year will contribute to formulation UNFPA country program for the next program cycle. Consultations will be held with women of fertile age with disabilities and vulnerable women and adolescents.

For more information, please contact

Dr. Kemal Goshliyev
National Program Officer on Reproductive Health
UNFPA Turkmenistan
[email protected]

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