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2020-01-11 › Sanjrani calls for regional connectivity

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Thursday underscored the need for enhanced regional connectivity for trade and multilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Central Asia for regional growth and prosperity.

The Senate chairman expressed these views in meeting with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Atadjan Movlamov, here at the Parliament House. He observed that Turkmenistan was an important country for Pakistan. He said that Gwadar provides shortest route for trade and economic activities to the landlocked Central Asian states especially Turkmenistan. He emphasised the need for boosting cooperation in trade, transport, industry, agriculture and other sectors by activating the relevant platforms and sincere efforts need to be made to strengthen economic cooperation. He proposed that Pakistan Turkmenistan joint governmental commission should be convened to hold meeting as early as possible. He said that this platform can play a robust role in opening up new avenues for cooperation in diverse sectors..

The Senate chairman also emphasised the need for direct air links between the two countries and said that Turkmenistan can benefit from the aviation policy of Pakistan. While highlighting the significance of parliamentary linkages, the Senate chairman said that institutional cooperation and exchange of delegations at parliamentary level would help in bringing people of the two sides closer and contribute towards strengthening bilateral relations..

During the meeting Chairman Senate also conveyed his well wishes to the President of Parliament of Turkmenistan.

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