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2020-03-14 › Afghanistan Bans All Sports Events Over Coronavirus Spread

All sports events were postponed in Afghanistan until the next announcement, officials from the National Olympic Committee and other sports institutions said at a news conference today.
A Buzkashi league in Kabul started last week and still is underway.
More details will be added in this regard as they become available.
This comes as the Ministry of Public Health has reported 10 positive cases of coronavirus so far in Afghanistan.
The ministry in a statement on Saturday reported three more positive cases of Covid-19 in Afghanistan: one in the central province of Kapisa, one in the northern province of Balkh, and one in the northern province of Samangan. These are the first reported cases in Kapisa and Balkh, and the third positive case in this province of Samangan.
The ministry said that the total reported cases of the coronavirus in Afghanistan has reached 10 – five cases in Herat, three in Samangan, one in Kapisa, and one in Balkh.
So far, the Ministry of Public Health has tested 181 suspected cases, and these 10 have tested positive, and 171 have tested negative. The samples of the 181 suspected cases were from Herat, Samangan, Kapisa, Balkh, Daikundi, Parwan and Paktia.

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