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2020-03-23 › China hosts EuroAsia video conference in Islamabad on virus

ISLAMABAD: China hosted here EuroAsia National Health Sector Video conference on control and prevention of coronavirus, Covid-19.

The conference was held at National Institute of Health (NIH) and it was participated by senior health officials, epidemic prevention experts, custom and inspection representatives of the quarantine department of China and 16 other countries of EuroAsia.

The countries included Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, India Ukraine, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives. According to Gwadar Pro App, Deputy Director-General Yu Jun from the department of European- Central Asian affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China welcomed the participants and underlined the need of working together to fight the virus.

NIE Jiangang from the National Health Commission of China in Beijing said on the occasion that currently under the leadership of President Xi Jingping, the condition in China is well improved and life coming to normal. " China has always been transparent about the situation and shared all the necessary information with the WHO.

In the process, we have got much experience. China stands with other countries who have suffered from its outbreak and is prepared to share with them it's control and prevention measures. We are all out to work together to fight the common enemy, he added.

The outbreak of COVID- 19 is a very unexpected event for China and other countries around the globe.China succeeded to overcome this deadly epidemic after two months of strong, vital and vigorous measures.

We have observed zero reported cases for two consecutive days from the mainland. We are encouraged by the moral and technical support from the other countries, particularly Pakistan” he added.

He emphasized that mass mobilization and early strategies including early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment are very essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19.Mr. Nie introduced the Chinese experts who later briefed the video participants in detail about their experience in epidemic control.

They shared detailed knowledge including clinical experience, virus discovery, identification, management and treatment policies that were adopted by China. They emphasized the importance of national solidarity, strong leadership and community health education as a key elements of containment strategy.

Representatives of Chinese customs introduced immigration inspection and quarantine measures. The video conference ended with question-and-answer session and the participants shared condition of their respective countries.

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