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2020-03-27 › Kabul Lockdown Begins Saturday: Officials

Kabul, a city with an estimated population of six million, will be locked-down due to the coronavirus outbreak in Afghanistan. The lockdown will begin Saturday and will continue for at least three weeks, government officials said.

Speaking at a press conference, Kabul governor Mohammad Yaqub Haidari said all Kabul residents must stay at home, avoid non-essential movements and avoid gatherings. He said the residents should be ready to provide valid reasons--such as health or security reasons-- if they leave their homes.

He said all sports places, wedding halls, shrines and public gathering places would remain closed.

“All buses should stop movements in the city. All stores, except grocery stores, should remain closed, he added.

The governor said that all government institutions in Kabul city and in the province--except the Ministry of Public Health and the municipality and security institutions--will be closed for at least three weeks.

Feroz said the lockdown plan will be put in place because Kabul has a large population and the coronavirus is spreading. He says the lockdown will go into effect tomorrow (Saturday).

He said that it is estimated that over 25 million people will be infected with the coronavirus in Afghanistan and at least 16 million of them will show symptoms. But he said the spread can be prevented if measures are implemented.

Acting interior minister Gen. Massoud Andarabi said all buses that carry more than four passengers will not be allowed to travel in Kabul or enter the city from other areas.

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