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2020-04-28 › OSCE assists the Government of Tajikistan with disinfectant and medical equipment

The OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe handed over medical and disinfection equipment to partners in the Tajik government, in Dushanbe, for preventing the potential spread of COVID-19. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Committee of Emergency Situation and Civil Defence received the assistance on 21 and 24 April 2020, respectively.

The donated items included ventilators, steam autoclaves, laboratory thermostats and a range of protective gear. The provided assistance will help to strengthen the country’s preventive measures against COVID-19. The items are designated for frontline medical staff, emergency response groups and volunteers, allowing them to safely carry out their daily duties.

“The handover is the Office’s contribution to maintain the operative capacity of the Health and Social Protection Ministry and the Emergency Committee during the COVID-19 crisis. These donations are part of the wider assistance we provide to our partners,” said Valeriu Chiveri, Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe. “It will allow the government to enhance their capacity to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and to address related challenges, undertaking all necessary measures. This will create conditions allowing for the continued implementation of joint activities.”

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