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2020-05-17 › OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan provides humanitarian aid to the Sirdaryo region after dam burst

The staff of the OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan delivered humanitarian aid to the Sirdaryo region after the dam burst, 13 May 2020. (OSCE/Oleg Zaichenko)

The OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan delivered humanitarian and anti-Covid aid following the collapse of the Sardoba dam in the Sirdaryo region in Uzbekistan on 13 May 2020. More than 70,000 citizens were evacuated from their homes due to the dam burst at the beginning of the month and resulting in flood. Given that the physical distance measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 became almost impossible, it was important to provide materials to combat that transnational threat along with providing the humanitarian aid.

With support from a local trucking company who donated space in a truck, staff from the PCUz drove to the Sirdaryo region and handed over medical masks, sanitary equipment, diapers, cotton mattresses and other vital household equipment to those affected by the dam burst. The PCUz is committed to assisting Uzbekistan with support in this time of crisis and many of the staff contributed personally to the effort. 

Senior Project Officer Hans-Ullrich Ihm said: “As a security organization, the OSCE considers its mandate of comprehensive security to mean more than just acting in the event of conflict. We see it as our duty to assist Uzbekistan during this difficult time caused by the recent flood combined with the Covid-19 threat.”

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