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2020-06-06 › Aloe Vera Plants Cultivated in Nangarhar

Officials from the Nangarhar Canal Project said that aloe vera plants are being grown on 100 acres of the canal project in Jalalabad city, and farmers will be able to harvest crops in the next year.

The officials say that farmers in Nangarhar are very interested in growing aloe vera plants in the province, and the promotion of this plant will increase farmers' incomes.

"We have been working on this program for the past two months now, and so far we have been able to create a large part of aloe vera farms here, and a company that previously operated in Herat is working with us,” said Abdullah Qahar Haidari, head of the Nangarhar Canal Project.

The aloe vera bushes have been brought to Nangarhar from Herat province, and the plants were cultivated with the help of 70 farmers in Nangarhar, and farmers say the bushes will bear fruit four times in the next two years.

A number of farmers in Nangarhar province are happy with the promotion of aloe vera plant cultivation in the province and want the government to help them in this area.

“The aloe vera products will be very appropriate because they are compatible with the climate of this province and the government must support the promotion of aloe vera cultivation in Nangarhar,” said Faridullah, a farmer.

“Aloe vera has a good price in the markets and efforts should be made to increase its yield in the province,” said Jamaluddin, another farmer.

Aloe vera is a plant that is used for industrial and medical purposes and also it is being used in energy drinks, which has made it a valuable plant.

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