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2020-06-10 › Iranian boyband video clip eulogizing Khomeini goes viral

A video clip of an Iranian band performing a rock song that eulogizes the Islamic Republic’s founder Ayatollah Khomeini in front of his tomb has gone viral after spreading across the internet on Wednesday.

“Khomeini was the rising sun of Islam, so he came when the darkest night it was,” sing the band. “What he brought was not just a revolution, but a blast, yes, a blast of light it was.”

The video shows the 11 members of the band “Safir Eshgh International Symphony Ensemle” singing the song in English.

The video, which was shot in the Mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini, begins by the band members taking off their shoes and entering the mausoleum, to later assemble and begin singing while standing in front of Khomeini’s tomb.

The chorus describes Khomeini to an electric tune as “the second name of Iran,” “softer than a petal,” and “just like a mountain.”

Khomeini, who founded and led the Islamic Republic for 10 years, had banned all music from Iranian radio and television and said it “stupifies persons listening to it and makes their brain inactive and frivolous.”

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