2020-07-12 › Pakistan Opens Two Crossings to Afghan Goods

Pakistan on Sunday opened the Angor Ada and Dand-e-Patan crossings in Paktia and Paktika provinces to Afghan goods almost two weeks after it opened the Spin Boldak, Torkham and Ghulam Khan crossings.

“We are moving ahead with promoting economic activity on both sides of the border,” Pakistan’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Mohammad Sadiq, said on Twitter when he announced the opening of the crossings.

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, few trucks carrying rice and other goods arrived in Paktia through Dand-e-Patan crossing on Sunday.

“There is no commissioner at the crossings. They are protected by the army in terms of security. Customs facilities are not as much as is in Spin Boldak and Ghulam Khan crossings,” said Khan Jan Alokozay, a member of the chamber.

The Karachi and Wagah ports were also expected to open on Sunday for the transit of Afghan goods, but this has not happened yet, causing concerns among Afghan traders about the fate of vegetables and fruits produced in Afghanistan.

“Trade through the air corridor is expensive for us. If the Wagah border is opened, it will benefit the traders,” said Akhtar Mohammad, head of the fruit and vegetable traders’ union.

Government officials said efforts are underway to address the problem.  

“Transit problems exist in Wagah and Karachi ports. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is working intensively through diplomatic channels to address the problems as soon as possible,” said Jawad Dabir, head of public relations of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

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