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2020-07-20 › В Иране казнили шпиона ЦРУ и Моссада

Тегеран, 20 июля, ИРНА – Пресс-служба судебной власти ИРИ в понедельник сообщила о казни иранского гражданина Махмуда Мусави Маджда, осужденного за шпионаж в пользу ЦРУ и Моссада.

Казнь Махмуда Мусави Маджда состоялась сегодня утром.

9 июня представитель судебной власти Ирана Голамхоссейн Эсмаили на своей пресс-конференции сообщил, что Мусави Маджда приговорили к казни за передачу ЦРУ и израильской разведке "Моссад" секретной информации о ВС и КСИР Ирана.

Он также был обвинен в раскрытии местонахождения генерала Гасема Сулеймани и других военных командиров Ирана ЦРУ и израильской разведке "Моссад".

Генерал Сулеймани был убит 3 января в ходе операции, осуществленной вертолетами США близ аэропорта в Багдаде. Помимо Сулеймани в ходе операции были убиты заместитель командующего "аль-Хашд аш-Шааби" Абу Махди аль-Мохандес и 8 его соратников. Погибшие выезжали на двух автомобилях из аэропорта Багдада.

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2020-07-20 › Spy working for Mossad, CIA put to death: Judiciary

TEHRAN — Mahmoud Mousavi-Majd, a man who was convicted of spying for Mossad and CIA and was sentenced to death last month, was executed on Monday morning.

“This morning, the ruling that was handed to Mousavi-Majd, who was sentenced to death for espionage, was carried out,” the Judiciary announced on Monday.

In early June, Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaeili announced that Mousavi-Majd had been sentenced to death.

“Recently an individual named Seyyed Mahmoud Mousavi-Majd, who had been connected with Mossad and CIA services and had collected and transmitted intelligence on the location of Martyr General Soleimani, has been given a death sentence by the Islamic Revolution Court,” Esmaeili said.

The Judiciary later said the case of Mousavi-Majd has nothing to do with the American assassination of General Soleimani in Baghdad in early January.

Mousavi-Majd was arrested months before that incident and the court had issued an initial ruling on his case on August 25, 2019, the Judiciary said, explaining that the convict has never been released from custody since apprehension.

On January 3, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered airstrikes that killed General Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), in Baghdad’s international airport.

Tasnim news agency last month said it had obtained documents that showed Mousavi-Majd was neither a military staffer, nor a member of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), nor even a member of the Basij forces who go to Syria voluntarily for the fight against terrorism.

It said that the convict had left Iran before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 when he was a child, and grew up in Syria, where he established connections with a number of Iranian military advisers in that country and began a career as a driver.

Under the guise of a driver, the spy was gathering intelligence for the U.S. and Israel and received a salary of ,000 a month from the CIA and Mossad, Tasnim added.

The news of Mousavi-Majd’s execution comes a week after Iran executed a retired employee of the Defense Ministry for providing the CIA with intelligence on Iranian missiles.

Esmaeili said the spy, Reza Askari, has sold information on the production of Iranian missiles to the CIA, and received money in exchange.

He said Askari was under intelligence surveillance and was finally put to death after his trial.

Iran is serious about its security issues, the spokesman highlighted.

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