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2020-08-13 › Sisters Open First Women-Run Restaurant in Bamyan City

Two sisters have opened a restaurant in Bamyan, which is currently the only restaurant in the city that is fully managed by women.

This restaurant was opened eight months ago by sisters named Aziza and Zahir Haidari.

The restaurant managers say that five women work in this restaurant and the guests are Bamyan residents and tourists who go to Bamyan to visit the attractions of that province.

“Women in every field - be it economic or political - must play their part and be active,” said Zahira Haidari, restaurant co-manager.

“When tourists from Kabul and other provinces come to Bamyan, they also visit the restaurant,” said Aziza, restaurant co-manager.

Bamyan, which is a destination for thousands of tourists every year, has a need for new restaurants. In addition to the restaurant opened by the two sisters, there are several other restaurants and hotels in Bamyan.

Residents of Bamyan say that if security is ensured in Afghanistan, particularly the route to Bamyan, the restaurant business in the province will flourish.

“Half of the population is women, so the presence of women in work and other activities is very important to the growth of the country's economy,” said Maisam Zahid, a resident of Bamyan.

The presence of tourists in Bamyan plays a significant role in improving the economy of a number of people and small entrepreneurs in the province.

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