2020-08-18 › All-Afghan Team, with 2 Women, Climb Nation's Highest Peak

Fatima Sultani, an 18-year-old Afghan woman, spoke to TOLOnews and said she and companions reached the summit of Noshakh in the Hindu Kush mountains, which is the highest peak in Afghanistan at 7,492 meters.

Tbe group claims to be the first all-Afghan team to reach the summit.

Fatima was joined by eight other mountaineers, including two girls and six men, on the 17-day journey.

They began the challenging trip almost a month ago from Kabul. Noshakh is located in the Wakhan corridor in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

“Mountaineering is a strong sport, but we can conquer the summit if we are provided the gear,” Sultani said.

The team members said they did their exercises for the trip in Panjshir, Salang and other places for one month ahead of their journey.

“We made a plan with our friends to conquer Noshakh summit without foreign support as the first Afghan team,” said Ali Akbar Sakhi, head of the team.

The mountaineers said their trip posed challenges but they overcame them.

“The snow changed into ice after it melted. The way was slippery,” said Tahira Sultani, a mountaineer, referring to the hardships they experienced during their journey.

They are members of Hike Ventures, a mountaineering team that has at least 200 members. Fatima is the youngest member of the team and was a boxer before this.

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