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2020-09-07 › Turkmenistan Agrees On Electricity Transmission to Pakistan Through Afghanistan

Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), Afghan national company, announced that Turkmenistan agreed with Afghanistan and Pakistan on electricity transmission to Pakistan though Afghanistan.

Addressing a press conference, DABS Plan and Policy Director Mujtaba Hoshmand said, “DABS has undertaken a new project called Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (TAP) under which Turkmenistan’s electricity will be transferred to Pakistan through Afghanistan.”

He added that the first phase of TAP project, which starts from Turkmenistan to Herat and Farah provinces, will increase electricity access in Afghanistan; and with implementation of the second phase of this project, Afghanistan will receive $50 million yearly from electricity transit to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Safiullah Ahmadzai, Deputy Head of Commercial Directorate, said that Afghanistan pays over $220 million each year to buy electricity from neighboring countries.

Recent estimates indicate only 30 percent of Afghans have access to electricity. Power outages in the country, including the capital city, have turned into a huge problem in recent decades for Afghan people, particularly for the private sector and investors.

The lingering question is why Afghanistan spends millions of dollars yearly to import electricity from neighboring countries, even though the country has significant sources of energy itself?

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2020-09-07 › Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan sign agreement on power

KABUL: Kabul, Ashgabat and Islamabad have agreed on a project to transmit power from Turkmenistan to energy-starving Pakistan through Afghanistan, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat has said.

Breshna’s advisor Mujtaba Hoshmand speaking about a project touted as TAP for the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power transmission line. The first of the project – spanning Turkmenistan to Herat and Farah provinces of Afghanistan – will be amplifying the country’s energy reserves.

Afghanistan’s electric company officials in a press conference in Kabul have said Afghanistan will be cashing in a whopping $50 million in the second phase for hosting Turkmenistan-Pakistan transmission line.

Another advisor to the company, Mostafa Aria, reckoned corruption as the main hurdle to implementation of big projects. He has said a considerable amount of funding has been withdrawn and projects hanging in the balance because of corruption.

Afghanistan pays $220 million to import electric power, roughly at par with a $250 million budget to build Salma Dam.

Despite its large capacity to produce solar and hydro power, Afghanistan is still in dire straits having been unable to craft better strategies to develop domestic power generation capacities.

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