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2020-09-09 › Индийская компания организует самый протяженный в мире автобусный маршрут из Дели в Лондон

Индийское агентство путешествий Adventures Overland предложило клиентам уникальный автобусный тур из Дели в Лондон протяженностью около 20 000 километров и продолжительностью в 70 дней. При этом, автобус направится из столицы Индии в столицу Великобритании не по прямой, а сделав гигантский крюк.

Из Дели автобус направится в Таиланд через Мьянму, проедет вдоль Великой Китайской стены, пересечет страны Центральной Азии, включая Узбекистан, добравшись до Москвы, а затем через Прибалтику и страны Центральной Европы, окажется в Лондоне. Всего путешественники смогут побывать в 18 странах Европы и Азии.

Первое путешествие на автобусе в Лондон запланировано на середину 2021 года, поскольку ограничения из-за пандемии еще действуют во многих странах.

«Лучшее время для этого путешествия — период с апреля по июнь, потому что именно тогда погода позволяет начать путешествие из Индии в Мьянму и пересечь высокие горы Китая и Кыргызстана», — объяснил один из владельцев агентства.

Стоимость поездки составит около 20 000 долларов, а максимальное количество пассажиров — 20 человек. При заявке приоритет будет отдаваться тем путешественникам, которые захотят проделать весь маршрут от Дели до Лондона целиком, хотя существует возможность присоединиться к туру только на отдельной части маршрута.

Как отметили владельцы агентства, на каждом из этапов поездки путешественников будут сопровождать местные гиды. На данный момент к путешествию проявили интерес уже 40 000 человек.

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2020-09-09 › New bus trip will take you from Delhi to London in 70 days

Adventures Overland founders Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal have done this journey on more than one occasion.
(CNN) — Would you travel halfway across the world by bus?

Expedition company Adventures Overland is hoping you'll say yes to its new organized bus trip, which will ferry travelers from the Indian metropolis of Delhi to the UK capital of London -- no airplanes involved.

Described as the "first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service" between the two destinations, Bus to London will ferry 20 passengers on a modified luxury bus, inspired in part by the Hippie Trail buses that crisscrossed the world in the 1950s and 1960s.

The bus will cross 18 countries over a period of 70 days, with passengers hopping off to marvel at the pagodas of Myanmar, hike the Great Wall of China and wander historic cities including Moscow and Prague. The image above is an illustration from Adventures Overland, depicting what the bus might look like.

Adventures Overland was founded by entrepreneurs and enthusiastic travelers Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan.

Agarwal tells CNN Travel the idea was inspired by an incredible solo drive from London to Delhi he did back in 2010.

"It is an absolutely fantastic journey," he says.

Since founding Adventures Overland, Agarwal and Madan have organized three India-to-London expeditions, in which travelers bring their own cars and travel in a convoy. The duo has also organized driving trips across snowy Iceland and over frozen lakes in Russia.

They've had some incredible experiences, but Agarwal and Madan were keen to do something a little different with their latest excursion.

"There are a lot of people, travelers, who want to experience these overland journeys, but they don't want to drive," says Agarwal. "So, we came up with the idea of putting together a bus in which people can sit comfortably and go on long distance journeys. And that's how the idea of the Bus to London was born."

Cross-continental odyssey

The inaugural Bus to London journey is set to take place in mid-2021, Covid restrictions pending.

"The best time to do this journey is between April and June, because that's when the weather is favorable to start the journey from India through to Myanmar, and to cross the high mountains of China and Kyrgyzstan," explains Agarwal.

This road trip doesn't come cheap -- Agarwal says it will cost around $20,000, but you can opt to just do part of the journey, which is divided into four legs.

Plus, you can pick whether you want to start in the UK or India -- once the bus reaches London, outward passengers will travel back by air and the vehicle will turn back around, kickstarting a return journey with a new group of 20 travelers.

Agarwal promises it'll be the trip of a lifetime, describing how incredible it is to see countryside morph and change in front of your eyes.

"That's kind of an experience you can only have when you're doing these kinds of overland journeys," he says.

He adds that past participants on Adventures Overland's self-drive version of the expedition have included travelers as young as five and as old as 75.

"This is a tried and tested route," says Agarwal, who stresses it's designed to be as safe as possible, adding that local guides also join the party as each border is crossed to assist with travel logistics.

Since announcing the idea, Agarwal and his team have been inundated with messages from travelers around the world -- some 40,000 people have registered interest so far.

"We were expecting a good response, but we were not expecting a response like the one that we've received," Agarwal says.

For anyone dreaming of joining the team on the 70-day adventure, he advises approaching the adventure with "an open mind" and "open heart."

"It's a life-changing journey, something that people will always remember and they will cherish it forever."

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