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2020-10-09 › Illegal Import of Goods to Afghanistan on the Rise: ACF

As trade relations is increasing between Afghanistan and Iran, illegal import of goods from Iran to Afghanistan has also increased, according to Afghanistan Chambers Federation (ACF).

The volume of the goods coming to Afghanistan through smuggling from Iran and Pakistan is equal to the level of the goods coming legally and the trend severely damaging domestic production, the ACF chief Khan Jan Alokozai said. 

“Fifty percent of goods is imported legally and 50 percent illegally, not only from Iran, but also from Pakistan. This trend puts severe implications on our economy," Alokozai added.

He said that illegal import of goods from Iran has doubled following COVID-19 outbreak. 

The Afghan Ministry of Industry and Commerce said the government is taking proper measures to prevent illegal import of goods.

“We have discussed the issue with the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs and officials at our borders and customs offices and also our business community and Ministry of Finance. We are looking to ensure the formation a committee to prevent this as soon as possible,” said Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani, nominee for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Earlier, a number of businessmen and members of the Chamber of Industries and Mines raised concerns about what they described as Iran's dumping policies in Afghanistan.

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