Dear Sirs

Dear Sirs!

"Ülke" firm offers you its services on all complex of the electrical work of 0,4 ÷ 35 kV class:



The License for carrying out of these kinds of work was issued by the Ministry of-Energy and Industry of Turkmenistan under No 1-19-20-255 of 6.12.2010.

Our Enterprise has qualified personnel, equipment, it is provided with the spare parts and materials, has foreign suppliers of the equipment of the leading world forms, and recommended itself as a reliable partner in the field of the industrial energy in Turkmenistan.

We performed the assembly of the power supply system of some units of the Turkmen Metallurgy plant, SSK "Ruhabatgurlushyk", Kelyata cement mill, AOZT "Turkmenmermer" ES "Polat gurlushyk", ES "Altyn Nesil" and other enterprises of Turkmenistan.

IE "Ülke" is a partner of "EFFOR", "POLIMEKS" firms, branch of "Renessans Turkmen inshaat Sanayi ve Tijaret A.S." and many other firms and enterprises operating in the territory of Turkmenistan in the field of service and repair of low-voltage and high-voltage electric engines and generators.

At present, IS "Ülke" carries out works on reconstruction of the power supply system of Balkanabat, Bereket towns and a number of villages of Balkan region.

We continue work on assembly of the power supply system and automation of the joint Turkmen-Iranian water-distributing unit "Shirdepe" in Tejen-river (Gerirud).

We voice to hope on the long-term mutually profitable cooperation.

Director of IE "Ülke" Vladimir V. Sudakov


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